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With 10,000 m2 of built area, in a 34,000 m2, land, the Timbó Cardboard Industry is located in the city of Timbó, State of Santa Catarina, Brazil. It generates 170 direct employments, producing monthly an average of 300 tons of special paper of various types, mainly for the electric, footgear and sealing segments.

The Timbó Papelão Factory has been fulfilling the needs of its clients from the most diverse areas since 1928. Initially working with recycled products, it saw the need for diversifying its products, notably the development of the electric isolation line and more recently the automotive sealing line.

Timbó Papelão Factory, known for its high quality, is at present undergoing an administrative-organizational restructuring. The implementation of a total quality system aiming at obtaining the ISO 9001 certification is also under process and its objective is to serve the clients of a larger demanding market with more efficiency and responsibility. There are many changes still forthcoming due to the entrepreneurial spirit of its leaders, which will make the company meet the market´s expectations. It is eight decades of tradition, but yet prepared for the new times to come.

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Timbó - SC / 89120-000
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