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It all started in 1928, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of a few people who believed in the future of Brazil and in the potential of those who lived in the Itajaí Valley.

With technology and machinery imported from Germany, but especially with the choice of the best raw material, the environment-preserving vocation of the company manifested itself proving that it was possible and economically viable to transform the most diverse recycled parings into noble products of large acceptance in the consumption market.

The timbó cardboard and light pasteboard became a synonym of quality not only because of its beauty and durability, but also because it was capable of reproducing in large industrial scale its own characteristics in a semi-craftsmanship process, in which each batch was to be checked sheet by sheet.

The extreme flexibility of the productive units allowed that new colors and characteristics be developed or added to the products, always taking into account the trends of the market and the clients´ specific needs.


In 1998 an important technological advance took place, through the acquisition of a fifth machine to produce the electrical isolation cardboard, a segment which is constantly growing and in need of qualified suppliers.

This new line of products (manufactured exclusively based on cellulose, as per international rules) gave Papelão Timbó a new impulse, bestowing the firm the status of a company capable of rendering a service with high quality and efficiency to the most demanding transformer manufacturers in the country.

The company is constantly concerned in not polluting the environment. For example, it has made all possible efforts to implement an effluent treatment station and is constantly fitting it to the most recent environmental laws.

Papelão Timbó: a pioneer in recycling and an undeniable proof that this can be a profitable business.

It has been 83 years of helping to preserve nature through the recycling of paper.
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