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Due to it having at the base of its chain of production the reutilization of paper parings, Papelão Timbó was one of the predecessors in the recycling process.

That which in the beginning was only an economical benefit, became an important human appeal activity, whether by the consequent reduction of residues in the environment, or as an indirect source of revenue for trash collectors and selectors.

The water utilized in the industrial process is 100% treated in a physicochemical treatment station, totally complying with the legal parameters before it is sent back to its original hydric basin.

When generating steam, the only firewood used comes from its own tree reforestation. The ashes and solid residues are dumped in a licensed industrial landfill.

Papelão Timbó, today more than ever understands that a productive activity can only be considered successful if it cares for the environment which is the bigger home for human beings, plants and animals.

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