New production layout changes for dispatch to the head of the company! 05/12/2014

New production layout changes for dispatch to the head of the company!
One of the principles of lean manufacturing (Lean Manufacturing) is the continuous production cycle. The immediate effect of creating streams can be felt in the reduction of time of product design, order processing and inventory. Having the ability to develop, produce and distribute quickly gives the product a \"present\": the company can meet the need of customers almost instantly.
Our production did not follow this flow, and packing and shipping area was the back of the factory, a warehouse temporarily allocated to this function.
Temporary ended up lasting a couple of years ... But we finally managed to change the place of dispatch.
The cutting areas, weighing, packaging and shipping were relocated, following a continuous flow, ending here in front of the factory. The main part of the production area did not change.
A large drying machine that was paralyzed, unused, was dismantled, which created space for the transfer of guillotines. The cutters were removed from the front of the building, and were installed near the equalizer and calenders.
After the change of cutters, it was possible to install the weighing pan on the floor, and gradually the whole stock was transferred to the front of the building, being stored sequentially by product family, thickness and colors. Pallets and identifications continue following the pattern of cardboard. The safety and environmental cleanliness are also kept.
The packaging area was near the weighing area. Finally, the expedition is made soon in the company\'s entrance, where the trucks are loaded as soon as authorized.
The cargo area is surrounded by yellow tubular protection.
Load time remained from 8am to 12pm and from 13h to 17h. Charging is done according to established safety standards.

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