Presspan Standard

Electrical Insulation


This produt is manufactured from highly selected waste paper and 100% recycled. This is a product formed by several basic layers, which are strongly compressed in the wet state and the dry state heavily calendered, thus obtaining a high mechanical strength and dimensional stability. This product is used in the winding of coils, armatures, motors and alternators. It is also used for modeling the shape of the shoe plate that fits into the machine. Provides high quality end model.
0.60mm in thickness; 0,70mm and 0,80mm is used for maintaining accordions. Also meets joints factories, including motor vehicles.

Technical Information
Thickness (mm) 0,20; 0,25; 0,30; 0,40; 0,50; 0,60; 0,70; 0,80; 1,00; 1,50; 2,00; 2,50; 3,00; 4,00
Shapes (mm) 560 x 770; 600 x 900; 540 x 750; 770 x 1120;
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