Presspan Timbó 3051

Electrical Insulation


The Presspan 3051 Timbo is an electrical insulator card medium density, made exclusively properly refined cellulosic fibers, free of fillers, glues or dyes. This is a product formed by several elementary layers, the chelates in the wet state is pressed and calendered in a dry state, obtaining an average specific weight. It is manufactured in order to obtain the IEC 60641-3-1 standards prescribed in the Technical Specifications.
The dielectric strength test, key in this type of product is held in HIPOT device itself, each production run.
The Presspan Timbo 3051 is a product suitable for the manufacture of castings used in transformer oil or dry.

Technical Information
Thickness (mm) 0,40; 0,50; 0,80; 1,00; 1,50; 2,00; 2,50; 3,00; 4,00
Shapes (mm) 600 x 900; 1200 x 1800; 900 x 1200;
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